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Hi guys,

I have been studying rust (already read the tutorials and the contributing file) for some time and really wanted to contribute to the compiler development. However, I have been lurking in the rust issue tracker and can’t seem to find an open issue to work on (I looked for the ‘E-easy’ and ‘E-mentor’ ones).

Given that, I was hoping for some guidance. Not sure if this is the right place, but could you guys point me any issue I can work on (or any advice)?

P.S.: I have never contributed to an open source project this big, so not sure if I should just keep refreshing the issue tracker for new issues to pop up.



Since I have lurked for rust for a while I would say checking every 1 or 2 hours is an ideal time-frame for checking issues



As of right now, appears unclaimed :slight_smile:

I had to lurk quite a bit too to catch an E-mentor issue. I guess it sometimes just requires patience. I’m sure also if you pinged one of the team leaders/shepherds on IRC they could find something for you to do.

Happy hacking!



Oh sorry @ysiraichi… it looks like that one does actually have an open PR…



I would ask on IRC or Gitter; or if you find an interesting issue on rust-lang/rust or most other Rust projects and ask for assistance in implementing it we can likely help you with instructions and guidance. E-mentor basically means that there are existing instructions, other issues are likely potential candidates for mentoring if you ask.



Thank you, guys. I will keep checking the issues as @kinggoesgaming suggested and will also go for the IRC approach, as @mark-i-m and @Mark_Simulacrum suggested.


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