Looking for a Mentor to get involved with Rustup


Hi there,

I would like to get involved more seriously with the rust community and was looking for a project to start with. For some reasons, the tooling side of the development has always caught my interest. Things like rustup, cargo, rls, clippy, rustfmt are all good candidates to me.

Right now I have some issues with rustup and have notice that the rustup github project has a lot of open PR and issues. I would be happy to make this project more active by reviewing all the PR/ issues but obviously I will need help from an “official”.

Would someone be keen to mentor me on the rustup project. I am not sure what would be involved yet, open to suggestions. Obviously I don’t want to start working on a project where my PRs will be ignored and where I can’t clear the backlog.



Hi! I’m very excited to hear about your interest!

rustup right now is not seeing a ton of maintenance since @brson left, and could really use help. The people who know it best are @Diggsey and @alexcrichton, though I think @nrc has done some work as well.

If we can work with you to identify some issues to tackle, I am confident that we can also provide reviewing bandwidth and start to build more of a team around the tool

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Hi, I know Rustup to some extent and I’m happy to mentor and review as much as I can (though I probably can’t review very large or complex PRs - I’m still learning my way around some bits). Feel free to ping me on GitHub or irc (though I will probably be slow to respond - I’m currently working part-time).

Do you have an area you’re keen to work on? I’m personally keen to see the workflow around installing tools with Rustup improved, and if that is interesting to you, then https://github.com/rust-lang-nursery/rustup.rs/issues/1352 would be a good first issue to work on.

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Wow, wasn’t expecting such a positive feeback :slightly_smiling_face:

@aturon Thanks, I’ll start working on some issues and put @nrc in the loop

@nrc Awesome. Thanks for your help. I was just planning on working on issues with the primary goal of having a healthy github project (less opened issues, PR review happening faster, etc…). Solving actual bugs would be my priority since I don’t know the project enough to be able to make judgement calls.


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