Seeking beta testers for rustup 1.24.1

Hi everyone,

As many of you may be aware, we tried to release Rustup 1.24.0 today. Sadly we discovered a bad regression (rustfmt and cargo-fmt did not work) but we only discovered that after we tried to make the release.

This is, as you might imagine, quite frustrating for everyone concerned.

Historically Rustup has been a fairly low engagement project. We have plenty of people making small changes for us, but the number of long-term maintainers has been pretty small. As such our releases are often quite far apart and so hard to test fully. Despite over a month of testing this time, we managed to fail to spot this bug until we'd made the release. Very frustrating indeed.

A while back I tried to engage the Rust community in a little beta testing and that was partially successful though it did not yield a huge amount of responses, those we got were useful. And so I'd like to do this again.

With the help of the release team, we've staged Rustup 1.24.1 to the development CDN and we'd like to invite as many of you as possible to give it a go and see if we've missed any other regressions.

The changelog goes through what we've changed in this release, (and by that I mean 1.24.0 and 1.24.1), and I'd appreciate any feedback on the listed items.

If we get enough positive feedback without any other major regressions rearing their heads, we hope to make the release of 1.24.1 in the near future, so if you can test, please do it soon.

If you are on Linux, or MacOS, or you use any POSIXy wrapper (e.g. git-bash) on Windows, then you can run:

$ rustup self update
info: checking for self-updates
info: downloading self-update
  rustup updated - 1.24.1 (from 1.23.1)

If you're using traditional Windows then hopefully someone will be able to follow up here with the right powershell invocation to set that environment variable.

While I do want to know about any issues you find which also happen to be in 1.23.1, I'd particularly like to know if you find anything in 1.24.1 which is newly wrong.

Please report issues on our issue tracker and we'll be there to triage them and hopefully ensure we can get 1.24 out soon, since I know it has features people want.



pp. the Rustup working group


I should add that once you run rustup self update without that environment variable set, you will revert to 1.23.1 so please ensure with rustup --version that you did find the bug in 1.24.1 before you report it as something new to this release.

Powershell should be as follows

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I can confirm that 1.24.1 works well for me. Changes tested so far:

  • Renaming a rust-toolchain file to rust-toolchain.toml
  • cargo fmt with a freshly re-installed toolchain
  • rustup check shows that Rustup itself is up-to-date

Would be happy to beta test future releases of Rustup especially if there were some way to opt-in (semi-)permanently eg. via RUSTUP_UPDATE_ROOT. Will future versions also be staged on the development CDN prior to their official release?

Thank you for the testing, and the offer. I think we're going to be looking into a way to offer such a channel yes. If you happen to have snap then you can switch from direct rustup-init installation to using the snap, at which point the edge channel is updated literally every time we push to master.

Josh Triplett suggested a "nightly" version of rustup and we're certainly going to give it some thought.

Beyond that, yes, I think we'll try and stage and ask for community involvement in future releases if this one goes well and we get more than one or two people engaging.


Test all proxies on macOS Catalina 10.15.7 19H2 x86_64

All proxies working well.

See: Discord

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Updated on windows, cargo fmt and rustfmt both work :slight_smile:

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Both cargo fmt and rustfmt work well on macOS Big Sur 11.2.3 (Intel chip). Also toolchain overriding works as expected in rust-toolchain.toml :grinning:

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Thanks to everyone who made the effort, we have now released 1.24.1 -- Announcing Rustup 1.24.1 | Rust Blog

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