Rustup 1.24.3 - Seeking beta testers, particularly FreeBSD

Hi everyone,

We've staged a beta release of Rustup 1.24.3 which resolves a few more regressions in low-tier systems.

In particular, there was a report that on FreeBSD the install would hang. We've fixed that (we hope) in this release.

If you want to use this in your CI to test, then you need to set RUSTUP_UPDATE_ROOT= before you install, and for the duration of any rustup operations which might download toolchain components.

You can try updating your local copy by setting that environment variable and running rustup self update though you should be aware that any subsequent update without the environment variable will revert you to 1.24.2 (current released Rustup).

One new feature in 1.24.3 though is the ability to set rustup set auto-self-update disable which will prevent that behaviour. You can then set it to enable when you're done beta-testing and run rustup self update to revert to the release.

Changelog snippet for this release:

1.24.3 - 2021-05-31

This patch release focusses around resolving some regressions in behaviour in the 1.24.x series. One problem, related to accounting for the release of data blocks in the unpack slab allocator, fixed in pr#2779, would manifest in the installer hanging during installation. A second, fixed in pr#2781, manifested in very early Rust versions (1.0 through 1.7) repeatedly having their checksums fetched despite already being installed. Finally the heuristic which started warning that toolchains being installed may not work on the given host was improved in pr#2782 to reduce false-positive rate and reduce worry among Windows users in particular.


  • Added the ability to configure the auto-self-update functionality. This will be of most use when people are testing unreleased versions of Rustup and wish to ensure they don't accidentally lose the test version, without having to remember to run with --no-self-update all the time. pr#2763


  • We no longer delete the top level of $RUSTUP_HOME/tmp and $RUSTUP_HOME/download meaning that if you have these set up as symlinks to another place, or bind mounts, etc. things should work. pr#2433
  • We more gracefully handle outlier situations with unpack-RAM, panicing less often, clamping settings into viable ranges and warning instead. pr#2780

Thanks go to:

  • Ian Jackson
  • Alexander (asv7c2)
  • pierwill
  • 二手掉包工程师 (hi-rustin)
  • Robert Collins
  • Daniel Silverstone

Anyone who wants to test any of the above would be appreciated. Ditto some checks that we've not re-broken any other platforms would be good. The regressions in this release were regrettably hard for us to spot beforehand. Beta-testing is critical to trying to find and prevent them in future.


Works fine on OS: macOS Catalina 10.15.7 19H2 x86_64.

Tested some basic installation and un-installation functions, as well as automatic updates.

It works well on the libc's FreeBSD CI :tada: :Cirrus CI, Use Rustup v1.24.3 beta on FreeBSD CI by JohnTitor · Pull Request #2213 · rust-lang/libc · GitHub

Thanks for taking care of it!


Works fine on FreeBSD -CURRENT, but I wasn't having an issue with previous versions either

Seems to be working fine on FreeBSD 13.0-RELEASE, X86_64

No longer hangs on Illumos either! :tada:

Tested on FreeBSD 12.2-RELEASE-p6 on amd64; no problems installing, or subsequently using installed rustup to update installed toolchain. (Currently "normal" warnings about sysinfo not being supported on the platform were issued, but those are expected at this point, and did not impair function.)

Edit: Can test on 13.0-RELEASE as well, if needed.

Confirmed this fixes the problem on FreeBSD 13.0-RELEASE.

Thank you all for your efforts. If no unexpected things pop up, we hope to release on Monday.


Works for me on FreeBSD 13.0-RELEASE.

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Hey, has this been released?

Yes it was released on Tuesday.

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