Announcing the Release Team


The Rust Core Team has directly managed Rust releases in the past, but has recently decided to spin this work off into a dedicated Release Team, in order to systematize and spread out the work. The new team will tackle a variety of tasks, such as checking for regressions by running Crater, triaging new issues to help teams stay on top of the influx of bugs and feature requests, cutting new releases, publishing status reports to help various teams stay on-track to fixing regressions before we release, and more.

The immediate goals of the team are to:

  • Ensure that Crater is run on beta releases
  • Triage new issues
  • Publish regular status reports of the state of the next Rust release

Soon, the team will assist with cutting each stable release of Rust, and help write the changelog. We also plan to expand to formalizing Rust’s tracking issues and projecting when they’ll stabilize over the coming months.

We’re looking for people to join the team and be a key part of the Rust release process. The workload is light, but the impact is large. If you’re interested, please comment below and we’ll bring you into the fold. The team will also idle in the #rust-release channel on; jump in there to join in the fun!

Announcement: a new Release Team, and new leadership for the Infrastructure Team
Announcement: a new Release Team, and new leadership for the Infrastructure Team

Hi, I would like to join the Release Team! How should I proceed?

Thanks, Giovanni


BTW, here are some docs outlining some of our current processes related to this team’s work:


Interested :slight_smile:


I am interested; but I believe the team could be better served by others =)


I am interested.




We’ll be adding people who respond here to the email list and I’ll send out an email with the initial set of tasks we’ll be taking on (primarily rotation signups) Wednesday or Thursday.




I would be interested in helping out with this


I am also interested.


I’d be interested in helping out!


Im interested!


Count me in! I’d love to contribute.


How may i help? :slight_smile:


Interested :slight_smile:


I would be happy to join the team as well :slight_smile:


I’m interested. :slight_smile:


I’m interested!


I’m definitely interested!