New members for the Rust core team


Dear Rustaceans,

It’s my pleasure to announce two changes in the core team membership.

First, @Manishearth is joining the core team (and stepping back from the moderation team). @Manishearth will be representing the dev-tools team, which they are co-leading along with @killercup. @Manishearth has been involved with the project for many years now. He is perhaps best known for his work on Clippy, but he has also been involved in a number of areas of Rust governance, including the moderation team and helping to organize RustConf. We think he’ll make a great addition to the core team!

Second, @skade will begin attending core team meetings in the role of a core team observer. A core team observer is a new role that is intended as a stepping stone to full team membership. Observers will attend the core team meetings and take part in core team duties, and – presuming all goes well – are expected to join the team in full at some point.

@skade too has played a number of roles in the Rust community – co-founder of, co-organizer of RustFest, co-founder of Ferrous Systems, community team liason, to name a few. But @skade also has a long history of involvement in other open-source organizations, which allows them to offer important context and insight.

Please join us in welcoming @Manishearth and @skade!