Tools team changes


As mentioned in the recap, after Nick stepped down as lead of the tools team we reevaluated how the tools team works. The plan was to have two tools “leads”, as well as a “core” tools team (separate from the various tools subteams) whose function is:

  • deciding cross-cutting concerns (e.g. tool distribution)
  • coordination between tools subteams
  • coordination with the outer project (for things like the roadmap)
  • looking for tool vacuums, and planning how to deal with them
  • providing a quorum for decision-making on smaller tools
  • stewarding semi-maintained smaller tools like rust-semverver

Some of these are functions the tools team used to carry out in the past, others are new. This year we hope to explore them all further.

This change also brings more autonomy to individual tools, the “core” tools team is not directly concerned with their day-to-day management. As such, we probably will need to have less frequent synchronous meetings (we’re thinking monthly). Let me know if you’re interested in being involved!

As for the composition of the new team:

@killercup and I will be leading the new team. The “core” tools team is currently @Xanewok, @fitzgen, @GuillaumeGomez, @oli-obk, and @dwijnand, though we may add new people as we find our bearings.

The subteams and WGs stay the same (you can find the current list on the website), though we may get a rustfix WG soon.

New members for the Rust core team