Welcome new dev-tools team members!

I’m happy to announce that @fitzgen and @matklad are joining the dev-tools teams as full members (they were both previously team peers), and that @tromey is joining the team as a peer with responsibility for debugger support.

@fitzgen has been a peer responsible for bindgen and other tools for interacting with other languages. He will be supplementing that with a focus on improving contribution on dev-tools.

@matklad is best known for his work on Rust support in IntelliJ. He’s also been doing great work with the Cargo team and having him as a full member of the dev-tools team should allow us to work closely on projects affecting Cargo and other dev tools.

They also both bring new perspectives to the tools ecosystem as a whole.

@tromey has done awesome work supporting Rust in GDB including getting code upstreamed into GDB. He is currently working on doing similar wonders for LLDB. He’s also got lots of experience working on GDB and Firefox dev tools. I personally feel that debugging is going to be a really important area to work on for the Rust community in the next year or two, so it is great to have someone so experienced involved.


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