Please welcome japaric to the tools team!


It’s my pleasure to announce that Jorge Aparicio (@japaric) will be joining the Tooling and Infrastructure team! @japaric has done some astounding work both historically on the compiler and more recently in the embedded space. Jorge is the author xargo, spearheads the embedded community, constantly makes sure Rust runs everywhere, and has a strong desire to write literally everything in Rust!

The tools team is quite excited to have @japaric on board to help us out with the embedded story of Rust going forward, as well as otherwise generally improving the tooling experience. Please help me in welcoming @japric to the tools team!


Very well deserved!




Congratz @japaric, your work is awesome!


Congrats @japaric!


Woah I just learned about this. Belated congrats @japaric! Between this and embedded stuff mentioned on the 2017 roadmap, I am very excited for this next year in build systems.

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