Please welcome petrochenkov to the compiler team!


Hello everyone,

Please join me in welcoming @petrochenkov to the compiler team! @petrochenkov has been contributing to Rust for some time, and over time has done a lot to help maintain and expand the compiler. For example, he was responsible for rewriting our privacy system implementation and fixing numerous bugs in that area and has done numerous improvements to the parser. He has also been responsible for a lot of the very important, but oft overlooked, “maintainance” sort of patches – such as finalizing bug fixes or other patches that affect crates in the wild (which often involves submitting PRs to those crates and so forth).


Great fan of @petrochenkov 's work. Congratulations!

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Surprised to learn he wasn’t already on the compiler team! :slight_smile:




Congrats @petrochenkov – this is well deserved! I’ve always been impressed by your appetite for vital but non-glamorous work.

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