Please welcome varkor to the compiler team!

Please join me in welcoming @varkor to the compiler team! @varkor has been actively contributing to the compiler for some time, often in the form of gigantic, thankless refactorings (like the legendary #48523). They’ve been slowly working towards extending the compiler to support const generics in a clean and nice way – but along the way, they’ve taken the time to improve the compiler for all. Thanks @varkor and welcome to the team! Keep up the good work. :tada:


Hi, thank you, I will

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Wait, are you @varkor?

Anyway, I’ve been following your work on the last const generics PR (the Generic Germination one) and I wanted to say thank you. It will be such a great and cool tool to have. Thank you Varkor, and I wish you the best :slight_smile:

@varkor Have a good experience in the new status within team! We love rustc and want more progress on this to make it “kind of universal lang” for many tasks in many areas — UI, web, business systems, clusters, stream processing, embedded. Thank you for contributing!