New members for the lang team!


The lang team is growing! Please join me in welcoming our new full members:

:gear: @josh was one of the original “lang team shepherds”, and they’ve been doing an excellent job since then helping to ensure that everything works smoothly. @josh first got involved in Rust by writing and championing the unions RFC, but they have since introduced a number of RFCs in and around the area of FFI and C interop, including support for varargs functions, unnamed fields, and the more general area of cargo interop. @josh also serves on the Cargo and Style teams.

:gear: @scottmcm joined as shepherd last June. Since then, @scottmcm has done a great job of driving towards consensus, both in meetings and on public forums.

Finally, I’m pleased to announce that we also have two new lang team shepherds:

:gear: @Centril has rocketed onto the Rust scene of late, authoring no less than 19 RFCs over a variety of areas. In addition, @Centril has quite active in a number of conversations both on the RFC tracker and elsewhere, always doing a great job of helping to tease out the underlying constraints in a design space and to drive towards consensus.

:gear: @rpjohnst has been very active in a number of discussions, including the famously contentious series of module RFCs. In all of those, @rpjohnst has distinguished themselves by their careful and methodical approach to analyzing tradeoffs, always ensuring that we keep our end-goals in sight.

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:tada: :balloon: Congrats to @josh and @scottmcm on becoming full members and my co-shepherd @rpjohnst!


Congrats, all! It feels so good to be growing the team with yet more high-caliber folks, and once that bring a range of perspectives as well.

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