Announcing Josh Triplett as co-lead of lang team

I'm happy to announce that Josh Triplett will be joining me as co-lead of the lang team. As co-leads, our job is to represent the lang team to the rest of the project, as well as to work to ensure its overall "organizational health".

Josh first came to the attention of the lang team through his excellent work shepherding the union RFC, which he memorably described in a 2016 RustConf talk. In addition to his (excellent) technical work, he's always had a passion for ensuring that the lang team operates in an open, transparent, and thorough fashion. His talk at RustConf this year, for example, did a great job of looking back over the story of the Rust 2018 module system changes and how they came to be. If you've not watched it already, definitely recommended.

So, congratulations to Josh!


Thanks, Niko! I'm thrilled and honored to further serve the Rust language.


I watched Josh's RustConf 2019 talk tonight and I was very impressed with his ability to clearly explain the rationale and all of the care and planning that went into the Rust 2018 module changes.

Happy to see him as co-lead of the lang team, and I'm excited to see what other improvements he will help usher into Rust.

Congratulations Josh! :smiley:


Congratulations @josh!

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