Announcement: Erick Tryzelaar joins the core team

We’re delighted to announce today that Erick Tryzelaar (aka erickt) is joining the core team, taking over the role of community team leadership. The core team is responsible for setting the overall vision and priorities for the project; each domain-specific subteam is led by a member of the core team, who works to facilitate that team’s activity and coordinate across the teams. (Per our conflict of interest rules, Erick is also stepping down from the moderation team.)

Erick has been part of the Rust community for a long time, and has contributed to the design of hashing and serialization in Rust – most recently, through the Serde project. He has also been an energetic community organizer, keeping the SF Bay Area Rust Meetup going for quite some time, as well as helping organize RustCamp and other events. As community team lead, he plans in the near future to bring substantially more organization both internally (meetings, issue tracking, etc) and externally (public discussion forum, more central resources with slide decks and other materials), as well as increasing the total core team bandwidth to focus on community work.

We’ll be hearing much more about these efforts in the coming weeks.

Congratulations, Erick!

– The Rust core team


Congratulations Erick. Is this a net increase in your workload, and will that affect ownership of Serde by possibly bringing on another maintainer to share the work? I see it has been very quiet for the past 3 weeks.

Congratulations Erick!

@alilleybrinker: Thanks!

@dtolnay: Thanks! Part of my outage was being off on vacation :slight_smile: But yes, I think to do this role properly, I need to focus a bit more of my Rust time towards community building, and less on actual coding (which breaks my heart). On the plus side, I’m on the core team now, and we are working on an RFC that’ll hopefully ease using Serde plugins on stable Rust. I hope we’ll get that out this week.

I’m definitely looking for help though! @Manishearth and @nox said they’d help out, but I could always do for some more people reviewing code, and helping to keep syntex compiling on stable and nightly rust.


Congratulations, Erick!

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