Announcement: Aaron Turon on Rust Core Team


We are happy to announce that Aaron Turon will be joining the Rust core team. The core team is the group responsible for steering the design and development process of Rust, as well as making final tie-breaking decisions if necessary. Although Aaron is a relative newcomer to Rust, we decided to add Aaron to the team in recognition of the large amount of fundamental design work that he has already done and continues to do. Thus far, Aaron has been focusing on leading the effort to standardize our core libraries. As part of that, he has drafted a number of guidelines and proposals:

He has also implemented various APIs in the standard library. In all of these proposals, he has demonstrated a good feeling for how to play to Rust’s strengths and how to improve its weaknesses. We are excited to see what Aaron will do in the future!


Nicholas Matsakis, Brian Anderson, Patrick Walton, Alex Crichton, and Huon Wilson


Congrats, Aaron. I’m super impressed with everything you’ve done for Rust.


Thanks Niko, Brian, and the rest of the team! I’m blown away to be joining the core team, and am very excited to help guide Rust toward 1.0 and beyond.


Congratulations Aaron!


Congrats, Aaron! I can say I’m definitely excited with all the stuff you’ve been proposing/doing in Rust!


Wait… was Aaron just… like… interning up until today? (Congrats!)


No. Working on Rust full-time, and employed by Mozilla, but that’s not what the core team is. The core team is largely steering. Note also that Felix Klock (pnkfelix) and Nick Cameron (nrc) are Mozilla employees working on Rust.


Congratulations, Aaron! I’ve been very impressed by your consistently high-quality RFCs, which always made me think “Here’s someone who knows his stuff”.