Announcement: Carol Nichols and Nick Cameron join the core team; Patrick Walton retires

We’ve got several pieces of news today!


Carol Nichols (aka @carols10cents) is joining the core team. Carol has a long history with Rust, spanning a wide array of interests. She’s been involved from the early days in community building, both as an organizer (including putting together the Rust Belt Rust conference) and more recently as a member of the community team. She has contributed to Rust’s tooling story, especially around, and recently became a member of the tools team in recognition of that work. She’s a talented RFC writer and shepherd, and brings a keen, practical eye to technical questions. She’s a coauthor of the new edition of the Rust book, where she’s been indispensable in getting the book done in a timely fashion, as well as doing extensive editing, review, and organization. And she’s the co-founder of the first Rust consultancy, Integer 32, which amongst other things offers Rust training.

Carol is going to supplement the core team with much-needed additional perspective from the production user standpoint, which her company uniquely positions her to do.


Nick Cameron (aka @nrc) is also joining the core team. Like Carol, Nick has been involved in Rust for quite a while and across diverse areas. He landed dynamically sized types, built rustfmt (and is leading the strike team to standardize it), laid out the design for the new plugins and macro system, and spearheaded the Rust Language Service project to support IDEs through rustc. Along the way he’s landed many important RFCs and changes to compiler internals.

Nick will join the core team in anticipation of some forthcoming changes to the tools subteam. Right now, that team covers too wide a set of interests, and as we work to scale up Rust’s leadership, we plan to break the team into smaller chunks, including one for infrastructure (CI), for Cargo/, and one focused purely on developer tools. Nick is currently on paternity leave, but when he returns, he will be heading up the new devtools team. More on that soon!


Finally, @pcwalton has been part of Rust forever, and his impact on the project cannot be overstated. However, for the last couple of years his focus has shifted purely to the Servo project, and at this point he’s moving into alumni status for the core team. That means that decisions will not block on him, but as with all alumni, he will remain welcome to join meetings and discussions, and he will continue to be an important point of contact between the Rust and Servo projects.


Horray! Welcome all.


Thank you!!! I’m so excited about this opportunity :slight_smile: :heart:


On a personal note, I’m incredibly excited to be growing Rust’s leadership this year, as part of our overall mentorship goal. In the coming months, I hope to see growth at all levels of the team, including new subteams, new members, new reviewers, and new shepherds. The Rust community is full of awesome people, and we’re eager to empower them!


Congratulations @carols10cents and @nrc!

Also, I wanted to say thank you for all the work you have done so far. Reading through the announcement I wanted to say as a newbie to Rust have really appreciated the work that has been done on the tooling, the new Rust book and how rustfmt brings consistency my and others code, all making it easier to learn Rust.

Glad to read your people centric focus will be brought into the Rust core team and continue to strengthen that side of the community. :+1:t4::tada:


@ootoovak: that means a lot to me, thank you :heart::heart::heart:


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