Please welcome carols10cents to the tools team!


Good evening fellow Rustlers! I’d like to announce that the Tooling and Infrastructure team’s newest member is Carol (Nichols || Goulding) (@carols10cents)! Carol has been working with Jake Goulding (@shepmaster) as part of Integer32 on some awesome improvements to such as adding categories, supporting Travis/AppVeyor badges, and displaying Rust version compatibility of a crate. You might also know Carol from her many comments on the RFC for crate ranking on!

Carol’s also been a member of the Community team for almost a year now and likes to organize Rust conferences in her spare time. The tools team is super excited to have her on board and we look forward to all the great improvements to coming down the pike!

Welcome Carol!


Thank you!! I’m super excited to be on this team and support the ecosystem :slight_smile: I’m also working on making more issues accessible to people new to the codebase – keep an eye on the E-mentor issues. I’d love to help you get involved too! :heart:


Welcome @carols10cents!


Congrats @carols10cents!


Congrats @carols10cents. I like your communication style, you distinguish yourself with that in my eyes.


Congratulations :wink: