Announcement: a new Release Team, and new leadership for the Infrastructure Team


The core team has long wanted to systematize and spread out the work of producing Rust releases. Mark Simulacrum, who has been very active on the Infrastructure Team, has volunteered to head up a new Release Team to do just that. You can read more about the team (and join in!) in his dedicated post. Mark has done incredibly valuable work for the project around the site, improvements to rustbuild, systematization of issue triage, and much more.

Last year we introduced the Infrastructure Team, with Aaron Turon as interim lead. The team has established solid momentum and a core set of projects, and at this point Aaron is ready to hand the reigns over to Aidan Hobson Sayers as the new team lead. Aidan is coauthor of a book on Docker, and on the Rust infrastructure team he has worked to systematize our core infrastructure using the smallest tools for the job. He’s also pushed on Crater, both to increase the number of people who can operate it, and to rework the code to be more welcoming to contributors.

As part of these changes, both Mark and Aidan will be joining the Core Team to provide coordination with their teams. Welcome Mark and Aidan!

On a personal note, I’d like to thank both Mark and Aidan for the way they’ve participated in the Infrastructure Team: when a potential work item came up, I could consistently count on one or both of them to volunteer to take it on. Thank you!


Please do check out Mark’s post on the new Release Team; it’s a great place to get involved in a high-impact, low-barrier-to-entry part of Rust project work.

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