Announcing the Release Team


I currently write the release blog post; I don’t think I have bandwidth to get involved more, but would like to at least work with the team regarding that stuff. So include me in whatever capacity you think makes sense.


I am interested! I’m somewhat concerned that I’ll find I don’t have the bandwidth and/or knowledge to contribute meaningfully, but I’d like to at least try.

Would you like assistance with this in some way? I believe I am a fairly clear writer, and this would be a good way to keep myself up-to-date on Rust’s evolution.

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I would definitely like to contribute. I’m looking forward to being more involved in this community!

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One thing that @arielb1 and I were talking about in #rustc was that there is a lot of work that goes into tracking down regressions where the compiler team could really use some help.

Examples include:

  • Trying to narrow down to small, independent test cases (or at least reproducible ones)
  • Bisection
  • Classifying more clearly as a “compiler vs libs” issue

Do you think this ought to fall under the purview of the release team?


Also, helping communicate solutions with issue posters (e.g. for soundness warnings, helping find the best way to fix them).


At the moment, I don’t need any particular help! As long as release notes exist, it’s not too bad. But I’ll give it some thought…I really appreciate your interest.


Okay, I’ve compiled a document for everyone to sign up in if they’re interested in weekly triage of Crater and issues.

Don’t worry if you aren’t interested in any of the current jobs, we’ll have more soon. Also, please message me privately on IRC or email me (mark.simulacrum at with your email so we can add you to the mailing list for future announcements. Thanks!

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

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Everyone in this thread who expressed interest in being involved should have received an invite to the rust-lang/release team, and upon joining, you should have the ability to label issues in rust-lang/rust. So the rotation can get started next week!

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I am interested in this work!


Can we have some probation period or triage after couple of months?
Usually some percent of people writing “I’m interested!” disappear immediately or shortly after that, but still have rights in the repo and are still listed as team members.


@xusss If you want to email me to get me your email and with your GH username, then I can add you to the relevant places. The signups are currently full, but I hope to expand those soon so you’ll have something to do.

@petrochenkov Yes, my current plan is to see who’s still with us after a couple weeks to a month and cull permissions and team member lists based on that.


Yes of course! My email address is and GH’s name is ‘xusss’


I am a newbie and would definitely like to contribute if the window is open. I’m looking forward to being more involved in this community!

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