Announcing the community subteam

I’m proud to announce the formation of the community subteam!

The initial membership of the team, in no particular order, is:

  • me
  • Ben Striegel
  • Rachael Craig
  • Brian Anderson
  • Manish Goregaokar
  • Erick Tryzelaar
  • Florian Gilcher

Our initial mission is:

  • Playing a leadership role in inclusiveness/diversity for Rust. That might include developing project policies, helping kick off outreach efforts, and raising awareness of problems, among other things.

  • Coordinating and collecting useful information for local events. That might include accumulated wisdom, a joint calendar (which we already have), maintaining information about local efforts happening around the world, and so on.

  • Creating and maintaining re-usable community materials. That might include slides, videos, and other artifacts from tutorials, meetups.

  • Outreach. That might include talking to organizations devoted to underrepresented groups, as well as finding venues not traditionally oriented toward systems programming.

  • Coordination with other technology communities, regardless of language. We should be encouraging cross-polination between Rust and other languages, in both directions.

  • Coordination with production and commercial users of Rust. This might include setting up regular meetings/town halls or other ways for production users to talk to each other, and to get the ear of the core team for setting priorities etc.

  • Curating/exposing the ecosystem. What projects are out there? Can e.g. organize by area of interest. Can also consider things like blog posts and pod casts, and also track interesting needs, gaps in the library ecosystem.

This team will probably not produce many RFCs, but will play an important role in outreach, support, and all that fun stuff. We also, like most teams, plan to continue growing over time: I expect this team may be a bit larger than the others, in the end. Lots of places and people to work on Rust!

We’ve been doing some work behind the scenes while we finalized the initial membership. Our initial work has been on outreach for the RustCamp CFP, as well as contacting production users of Rust to ensure that we get good feedback from those who aren’t doing open source.

We’ll get a section up on the teams page in the next few days.


Sounds good.

Who are Rachel Craig and Florian Gilcher? I have not heard of them in the community before, and their twitters dont show anything involving Rust.

Rachael works for, and Florian is @skade here, and /u/fgilcher on Reddit. He started Rust Berlin.

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(Not everyone who is a part of the Rust community is part of the online Rust community. However much I’d like to pretend otherwise, the Real World does indeed exist :wink: )


Hi! :smile:

Adding to Steves reply, I’m also and have a couple of Rust projects since 2013 (many dormant, I’m not a good maintainer).


Welcome Community team! I started Rust Los Angeles and we are having our first meetup tonight. If all goes well, I hope to be leveraging the support of this team.

This should go to the weekly quotes posting

The channel for this team is #rust-community on Mozilla IRC.

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