Announcement: Jonathan Turner joins Mozilla's Rust team

I’m happy to announce that the Rust team opening at Mozilla has been filled: Jonathan Turner (jntrnr) is starting on the Mozilla team today! Jonathan has already been busy blogging about Rust and will be working on a range of projects spanning the compiler, tooling, and potentially library work as well.

Most recently, Jonathan was program manager for the TypeScript project at Microsoft, leading the project through 15 releases over three years (including the first public release). He was a strong advocate for open source software within Microsoft, helping to spark the recent embrace of OSS and community building at Microsoft. As part of this work, he also sat on TC39, the JavaScript standards body.

Prior to that, Jonathan spent time working on several other language-related projects:

  • Designing and prototyping modules for Clang/LLVM, which later became a standard feature of the compiler.
  • Added first-class functions, modules and concepts to the Cray Chapel compiler.
  • Co-created chaiscript , a header-only embedded scripting language for C++.

And prior to that, Jonathan spent many years as an engineer working on a variety of projects as disparate as real-time signal processing and OpenGL-based SVG rendering.

Welcome, Jonathan!


Super excited to have you aboard Jonathan, welcome!

Thanks for the big intro! I’m looking forward to diving even deeper into the Rust world, and looking forward to bumping into some of you as I do!


Welcome! Your prior experience is very impressive, this seems like it ought to be a very good fit. :slight_smile:

Congrats @jntrnr! I look forward to tricking you into speaking at our meetups like I do everyone else on the team :wink:


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