Mozilla is hiring for the Rust Team! (2019)

From the job listing:

We are looking for a software engineer who is excited about becoming part of Rust’s infrastructure and/or teams. As a member of these teams, you will

  • improve the Rust project’s development infrastructure, including continuous integration, build artifact generation, GitHub bots, and other development workflows.
  • help develop, the central package manager for Rust
  • help develop related components to, for example custom private registries and cached binaries

As Rust is an open-source project, a big focus for this role is collaboration and mentorship. You will work with people from both inside and outside of Mozilla. You should have experience in back-end server and operations work. Some experience with AWS and CI systems like Travis and AppVeyor would be a plus. Development work will primarily be in Rust.


cc @nasa42 for TWiR?


Since this is a remote job, is anyone willing to comment on Mozilla’s capacity to have a worker located in Australia, for example? I presume the majority of teams like this are co-located in similar timezones? I guess I’m really asking how well does Mozilla handle globally distributed teams, specifically where they don’t have offices.

While I can’t speak to this particular Rust job, I’ve been on teams at Mozilla that were distributed across the world (including Australia). We make an effort to schedule synchronous communication at times that don’t unfairly penalize particular team members, and prioritize asynchronous communication when possible.


I just want to say that it’s really exciting to see some resources possibly being steered towards some kind of support for cached binaries! This is easily one of our organisation’s biggest pain-points with Rust dev and seeing this as a possible focus is exciting :slight_smile:

Great information. Thanks for this information. I am interested in it.

I am interested in it.

Hello, I applied May 15th and have not received an answer, how often are the applications processed? Thanks


thanks for applying for the job. I have notified the responsible recruiter and he will contact you as soon as the hiring manager reviews your profile. Usually it takes 2 weeks to get back to the candidates, but it depends how many resumes we receive for the applied job.

Hope I could help.




Hi all,

Has anyone heard back about this position? I applied around May 15th as well and have not heard a peep.