Mozilla is hiring for the Rust Team!


Job listing here.

I’m very excited to announce that Mozilla is hiring another Research Engineer, this time for the Rust team itself. There’s more information in the linked listing.

Unlike the Servo positions, we are looking for a more senior engineer/researcher here. We could use help in pretty much every area of work, though, so are open to a wide range of areas of interest/expertise.

If you have questions about the position, please feel free to ask them here or to email me at (I’m the engineering manager for the Rust team at Mozilla).


I asked in email what’s going on, but I have received no replies for a week, so I am asking here.

@aturon, what’s going on?

To anyone else who applied, did anyone hear back?



I heard back that “We’re sorry that we were unable to make it work”.


@sanxiyn I applied a few weeks back and received an automated response. Haven’t heard anything since then.

@aturon I just sent you an email. This is an exciting role - I hope to hear back soon!