Introducing the newest member of Mozilla's Rust team: Emily Dunham

I’m delighted to announce that Emily Dunham has joined Mozilla Research as a dedicated DevOps engineer. Her initial focus is primarily Rust, but will grow to include Servo’s needs over time as well. Emily joins us from Oregon State University, and has long been involved in open source software. She has some awesome ambitions to not only improve our infrastructure, but to make it more open too.

Emily can be found in the usual places under the handle @edunham. Please welcome her to the Rust community!


\o/ we finally got the ops person!

Welcome, Emily!


Woo! Welcome Emily! You’re sorely needed :wink:

So the build doesn’t break anymore, right???

Welcome! :smile:

Welcome! look forward to meeting you in the future!


She seems to be missing on though :frowning:

The teams are chosen by the Rust core team, not Mozilla. Additions are decided upon by subteam consensus

However, I’m guessing she will be added to the CI/infra/tooling team sooner or later. Probably sooner :smile:

To clarify: the "Rust team" that Emily has joined is the team of Mozilla employees working on Rust. But Rust itself is a community project that stretches far wider than Mozilla.

The teams on the page you linked are the primary decision-makers for each area, drawn from the whole Rust community. Being a Mozilla employee working on Rust doesn't (and shouldn't!) immediately mean you are an expert qualified to be a member of these teams -- you have to work your way there, just like anyone in the community. But we fully expect Emily to join the Tools/Infrastructure team, and perhaps others, over time -- as @Manishearth says, probably in fairly short order.


Welcome to the team!

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