I'm about to disappear for 4 months -- maybe


Hey all!

My internship with Mozilla Research finishes up this week, and that means I need to head back to Canada and finish up my thesis – maybe. My thesis has honestly kinda stalled. I had intended for the nomicon to be my thesis, but my supervisor is being both unresponsive and acting uninterested in this work. Well. One of them. The other seems to be on sabbatical? I’m hoping to maybe pivot to too-many-lists, but I don’t know. Unrelatedly, I’ve also picked up a gig with an old friend/employer that I really really want to pursue, but it would run for the exact same period that my thesis is supposed to cover: now until January.

So I honestly have no idea what my next 4 months are going to be, but it seems like it’s not going to have much time to work on Rust stuff much. Or maybe it will. It’s not like I have a social life or sleep anyway. Anyway, this is basically a warning that any RFC/PR/whatever stuff you think I’m doing are possibly about to drop off my radar. Other people may want to take them over, though I’ll try to clean up my messes on the way out.



It’s been amazing having you around this summer working full-time on Rust! I’m doubly sad to not have you in the office any more. But in any case, best of luck on these new ventures, and I hope Rust will be able to fit into your life again at some point soon :smile:



As long as you have fun, and I hope you finish your thesis. I know the struggle. Come back stronger than ever!



Good luck, and thanks for all the hard work so far. Advisor stuff is… yeah :frowning:



@Gankro thanks for all you’ve done – and thanks for the heads up!


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