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Hey all: we’ve been having some rough times with our infrastructure in the last couple of months. @alexcrichton has been doing incredible work transitioning us to Travis + AppVeyor (and away from buildbot), and managing all of the fallout from that. But we’re not there yet.

I’ve opened a tracking issue on the main repo:

This issue is intended as a basic coordination point for infrastructure work. If you see an infrastructure problem, please check this issue for the overall status.

We are very eager for help with infrastructure, which doesn’t necessarily require Rust expertise. If that sounds interesting to you, please comment here or on the linked issue, and we’ll loop you in!



Very new to rust but if there is anyway I can help sign me up.



@Sadin, I missed your message originally. Thanks for stepping up! Could you email me at with some details about your background (e.g. with setting up CI, bots, monitoring, build systems, or other infrastructure-related things)? It’s fine if you don’t have background in any of these areas; it’s just helpful to get a sense of where you’re coming from and what your interests are.



@aturon Not a problem! I sent you an email yesterday, just checking up to see if you received it. My email is

No rush as Im sure you’re busy with things!



Got it, thanks! And yeah, my email latency is a bit high :slight_smile: I’ll reach out soon.


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