New nightlies coming soon, help out and test!


Good morning Rustlers!

A few months have passed since @brson announced our upcoming infrastructure changes (more detailed below), and we’ve made quite a bit of progress on the tracking issue. I’m happy to say that we’re ready to enter the final phase before we flip the switch! To get straight to the point, we’d love to get feedback if the new nightlies are working for you, and if you’re using rustup you can test this out with:

RUSTUP_DIST_SERVER= rustup update nightly

Otherwise you can visit the distribution page for a full list of artifacts (plus some super old ones) or today’s nightly release. Note that the *.asc signatures are not by the official signing key, just a local one I’ve been using.

If you’ve got some time it’d be great if you could test out the nightly channel on your platform and make sure there are no regressions! We’ve tried to ensure that the Travis/AppVeyor CI setup is the same as buildbot, but we may have forgotten something!

If all goes well over the next few days we’re hoping to flip the switch soon and start distributing nightlies from Travis/AppVeyor.

The specific change that’s happening here is that we’re going to be retiring buildbot, our old infrastructure for CI and release artifacts. The new infrastructure, Travis and AppVeyor, have the CI and release artifacts as one and the same. Although Travis/AppVeyor have been turned on for quite some time for CI, we’ve been working on getting releases and the release infrastructure up and running.

We’ve already seen some awesome improvements to the nightlies produced on Travis/AppVeyor, such as:

With more coming soon!

If you’d like to jump in and help out with the new infrastructure action you can explore a few points of integration we have:

If you’ve got any questions about any of this feel free to respond here or contact me personally!


Rust CI / release infrastructure changes

This is so exciting, thanks to both of you for all this hard work!

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Ok not a lot of activity here and from what I’ve seen the nightlies look to be working, so I’m going to flip the switch. Please keep your eyes peeled for breakage though and let us know if anything shows up!

I’ll also note that as part of the transition the actual time of date of the nightly transition is going to change. The job which promotes the rust-lang-ci builds to is scheduled for 0:00 UTC, whereas right now it ends up happening around 17:00 UTC. Just a heads up that this is a feature, not a bug!



How long does this job take? (Closer to minutes or hours?)



The jobs have been taking ~30m so far, good thing to clarify!



There were positive test results on reddit:



Does this mean that we’ll be able to enable ARM processor CI?


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