Nightlies missing the RLS will no longer be produced


We’ve been receiving quite a few reports about a poor user experience of the RLS recently, and from our understanding the primary cause of this issue is the fact that there can be nightlies of rustc that don’t have the RLS contained inside them. This issue has escalated to the point where we’ve made the decision to, for the time being, cease production of nightlies which are missing an RLS component.

We’re hoping that this won’t necessarily be a permanent solution and eventually the RLS will break less often or we’ll devise a better scheme to manage nightlies. To help stem the bleeding though this change is being enacted today.

If you’re wondering why there’s a missing nightly one day, check out the rust-toolstate repository! @kennytm has done some amazing work to manage this information and has a handy dashboard to see the current status of the RLS/rustfmt/etc. As part of this change we’ll also be considering RLS updates which fix nightlies with a higher priority in the @bors queue so we can help get nightlies turned back on when they fail!


Yesss thank you! Now that I work on production Rust and RLS works on stable, this has become a less critical issue, but still was one of the biggest annoyances lately.

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I wonder if Rustup could use a more generic solution and not upgrade if any of the installed components are missing in the upgrade?

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rls dynamically links to compiler libraries, so it needs to be next to the same compiler it was built against.


The change to not upgrade to nightlies based on components installed was actually implemented @nrc a few weeks ago and I’ve just deployed that as rustup 1.10.0.


:heart_eyes: So happy to finally not have to walk backwards day by day to find a nightly with working RLS anymore!

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