Subteam reports 2015-07-01

Apologies for the late report! Things have been a bit hectic with the Mozilla work week and holiday this week. Also, there is no Lang or Compiler report this week due to the team leader being away. Should be more to report next week!


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This past week the Rust team was at the Mozilla Work Week where a number of meaty tooling-related topics were discussed including cross compilation, distribution of artiacts, online installers, and cargo install. Keep your eyes peeled for a cargo install RFC coming soon!

Otherwise this past week there were a number of exciting changes to Cargo made:

In other news we now have combined Rust/Cargo installers for MSVC 64 bit Windows being built on a nightly basis now! The URLs are:

If you're interested in checking out the MSVC support of the compiler, please take these for a spin and report any bugs! Keep in mind that unwinding is not yet turned on (so destructors on panics won't run), but everything else should be basically working (modulo small bugs).


Full report

We missed last week due to the Mozilla work week. Here's the current status.

RFCs going into their final comment period:

Decisions from last week:


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