Welcome kodraus and withoutboats as full Libs Team members!

Today it’s my happy duty to announce that Ashley Mannix (@KodrAus) and Boats (@withoutboats) are joining the Libs Team as full members. Ashley oversaw the Libz Blitz in its final months, and has been playing an increasing role in maintenance of std and other libraries in the ecosystem. Boats has been doing foundational library work with crates like failure and has also been involved in the async I/O and http ecosystems.

Welcome to both!


Congrats to you both!

the libs team is no longer without Boats :tada:


Congrats! Well-deserved to both of you!

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Well deserved!

Congrats! Happy to see you join the libs team.

Congrats to you both. I hope the failure crate get some kicks now.

Like hear happy see! :star_struck:

Congratulations to both of you!

Congrats to you both. Well deserved!

Congratulations :grinning:

Will be nice if members avoid commenting on dead topics. It just adds to the clutter of unread topics. Thanks


I suspect that many of these commenters don’t realize that the post they’re replying to is months or years old. It would be useful if the forum raised a warning alert when someone is typing in a reply window and the last prior post was more than N months prior (e.g., where N = 3). Just something like “It appears that this thread is dead. Do you really want to reactivate it?”