Announcement: David Tolnay joining the libs team!


In conjunction with the announcement of the Libz Blitz today, I’m delighted to announce that David Tolnay (@dtolnay) is joining the Rust libs team as a permanent member. David is best known for his amazing work on Serde, which recently hit 1.0. He’s done a variety of other work in the ecosystem around plugins and related concepts, some of which we hope to incorporate into Rust proper. More recently, he’s been a big help putting together the Libz Blitz, and especially organizing and revamping the API guidelines. He’ll be a great asset on the libs team, espeically as we turn our focus increasingly toward supporting the broader Rust ecosystem, and not just std.

Welcome, David!



Welcome @dtolnay.



Thanks! I started learning Rust a little over a year ago so thank you to the people who have worked to make it so amazing before and since. I’m happy to help.



Welcome @dtolnay! I’m super excited to have you on board and I’ve been consistently blown away with everything you’ve done in Rust and how helpful you are especially around Serde.

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