Welcome SimonSapin to the libs team!


Please join me in welcoming @SimonSapin to the libs team as of today! @SimonSapin has been working in Rust for quite some time now on Servo, the compiler, and many popular crates in the ecosystem like url. As one of the libs team’s go-to gurus for everything-that-is-unicode we’re excited to have @SimonSapin onboard!


I’m so delighted to see this! @SimonSapin has been a tireless contributor to the Libs Team via both RFC and implementation work, and it’s great to get him involved in leadership as well.


Woohoo! Welcome @SimonSapin :tada:


Neat! :champagne: :balloon: Congrats @SimonSapin!


Welcome!!! :tada:


Thanks all! To celebrate my new powersduties, I’ve proposed FCP to stabilize 22 different unstable features: Survey of unstable standard library features. Sorry for the review load I’ve just dumped on my co-team members :]