Announcing the first libs team shepherd!

I’m delighted to announce that @KodrAus is becoming our first libs team shepherd!

Other teams have had a lot of success with shepherds as a way to increase bandwidth, and as a stepping stone to full team membership. @KodrAus has been doing incredible work with the Libz Blitz, both in terms of running evaluations (and presenting to the libs team), as well as generally coordinating, reviewing, and keeping the wheels turning. We’re excited to have him attend libs team meetings, and hope as a shepherd he’ll be involved in the RFC process as well.

Thanks, @KodrAus!


Thank you very much!

I love how cross-functional and driven Rust’s teams are, I’m looking forward to getting on board and doing my small part for our awesome community :heart:


Congrats @KodrAus! You’ve been a huge help with the libz blitz, and the quality of several crates has improved dramatically thanks to your efforts! (And of course, many others as well!)

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