Subteam reports 2016-04-16


This was a pretty quiet week for the subteams as the tools, land, and compiler teams did not meet. The major excitement this week, however, was that 1.8 was released!


Full report

This week during triage the libs team discussed RFC 1505 and RFC 1543. We decided that the time wasn’t quite ripe for Atomic<T> in the standard library (RFC 1505), but RFC 1543 was merged.

We also discussed a few PRs, some notable ones being:

  • PR 32693 - Adding binary_search_by_key to slices
  • PR 32785 - Adding Default to a few sync primitives and other types
  • PR 32866 - Adding From<Vec<T>> for VecDeque<T> and vice versa

Finally, the following RFCs have moved into their week-long final comment period. Please feel free to add your final thoughts!

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