Subteam reports 2016-01-22



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We decided to close RFC 1457, due to the fact that there a few too many open questions about how it should be implemented.


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We’ve decided to accept two RFCs this week, RFC 1320 and RFC 1462. Both are small tweaks to existing RFCs. We decided to extend the FCP period for RFC 243 (try and ?) because there was still some ongoing discussion. That’s it!


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This week we made a number of decisions on outstanding libs PRs and github issues, which have been logged on their respective threads. RFC-wise, we’ve been moving a bit slowly, but we hope to make more progress on RFC shepherding now that the backlog has been cleared.

Next week we will determine the unstable APIs to put into FCP for stabilization/deprecation in Rust 1.8. Please have a look at the list and leave comments on any APIs you think we should consider.

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