Subteam reports 2016-02-01



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This week we discussed and made decisions on several nominated issues and PRs, including:

We reached a basic decision on the ?/try/catch RFC, which is that we plan to merge the RFC. However, there remains some bikeshedding to be done, so we will have one more week of FCP to sort out the keywords:

We moved two features into final comment period (FCP) for stabilization in Rust 1.8:

  • FCP Issue #28235: Tracking issue for overloaded += operators (RFC 953) (feature augmented_assignments)
  • FCP Issue #29720: Tracking issue for braced_empty_structs (RFC 218)

Finally, we brought two RFCs into final comment period (FCP):


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This week we moved several RFCs into final comment period (FCP):

We also selected unstable APIs to consider for stabilization or deprecation in Rust 1.8:


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This was a busy past few weeks for the tools in Rust, especially in the realm of Cargo!

  • An initial port for powerpc64 and powerpc64le targets has been added.
  • Static libraries and import libraries for MSVC have been renamed to have more conventional names on Windows.
  • Binaries on Linux and BSDs now have the NX bit set. This brings these platforms in line with the behavior on Windows and OSX.
  • A new cargo init subcommand has been implemented to initialize pre-existing Rust projects with Cargo configuration.
  • A new cargo metadata subcommand has been implemented to learn about a Cargo project through the CLI via JSON output.
  • The meaning of cargo install as a plain command has been changed to install the current crate (e.g. the one at $PWD).
  • A new project.publish key in Cargo.toml has been added to indicate that a crate cannot be published to

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