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We discussed the current regressions in compile-time errors, as well as some older cases. Mostly these have to do with attempting to recover from earlier errors, leading to erroneous follow-on reports. We’ll be making some efforts to tamp these down until we can make the overall error recovery mechanism more reliable.


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Seeing as many of us were on vacation, we decided to hold a special meeting this week discussing possible designs for int generics, along with special guest @eddyb. The goal is to design a “max min” proposal that can have us making progress on the basic issues while skirting some of the more complex topics (notably: how far to go in determining constant equality.) Expect to see some concrete write-ups soon(ish).


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This week we reached decisions on a number of PRs affecting std APIs.

In addition, we are moving several RFCs into final comment period:

Next week we will be choosing APIs to consider for stabilization/deprecation in 1.9. Please take a look at the list and leave comments on any APIs you think should be considered!


This is exciting!


Regarding the int numerics proposal, I’d suggest you look at current uses of typenum.

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