Subteam reports 2015-07-09

A little on the later end this week, but the meetup yesterday was just too distracting!


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This week there is one RFC, [#1191], entering its final comment period. This RFC describes a proposal to separate the AST produced by the parser from the one the compiler uses internally.


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It's been a few weeks since the last report. To be honest, though, there hasn't been a lot of action in the language subteam, due to the Mozilla work week, some vacations, and other factors.

This week, we'd like to move RFC #1150 into FCP:

  • FCP PR #1150: Allow re-exporting associated items with use.

This PR #873 about macros in types will remain in FCP for one more week due to the fact that there was no time yet to talk it over in depth. However, this will be the last week, or I will eat my hat (or something):

  • FCP PR #873: Allow macros in types. There has been some discussion but no firm decision was reached.

Finally, the other RFC that was in FCP, #756, has been withdrawn. The topic was expanded sugar for closure expressions, and the judgement was that there wasn't sufficient motivation to make the change at this time. Perhaps later.


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We've begun weekly video meetings with the entire subteam, which should increase our bandwidth and enable more progress on new library initiatives. Over the next week, we plan to discuss the pipeline for crates eventually heading into std, and (relatedly) the fate of rust-lang crates. This week, though, we focused mainly on existing business.

RFCs going into their final comment period:

  • FCP PR #1158: RFC: Expand the std::net module
  • FCP PR #1174: RFC for creation of IntoRaw{Fd, Socket, Handle} trait to complement AsRaw*

PRs in final comment period:

Decisions from last week:

  • FCP PR #1055: RFC for redirecting stdio of child processes to open file handles
  • FCP PR #1058: RFC for replacing slice::tail()/init() with new methods
  • FCP PR #1102: Rename connect to join
  • FCP PR #1158: RFC: Expand the std::net module
    • Postponed, pending some policy decisions about how to handle major new API additions in std. We should have more details on this next week.


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This week the tools team picked up one RFC which should help mitigate upstream breakage from the compiler updating lints. Cargo has a number of outstanding PRs for new features such as cargo run --with, project templates, and running cargo concurrently. Emily has also performed an analysis of the packaging status for Rust across various Linux distributions, and it looks like we've got our work cut out for ourselves!

On the MSVC front the compiler will now probe for link.exe and has briefly turned unwinding on by default, but this will likely be turned back off soon. The codegen-units option now works on MSVC, though!

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