Subteam reports 2016-05-02



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In this week’s meeting, we promoted two RFCs to FCP:

  • RFC 1492 proposes to permit .. notation in patterns as a more general replacement to _, so that one can write a pattern like Foo(x, ..) instead of Foo(x, _, _, _).
  • RFC 1592 is a small amendment that corrects an oversight in the original well-formedness RFC, by making tuples require that all elements except for the last element be Sized (just as structs do).

In addition, RFC 1358 remains in FCP for another week as we discuss the precise interaction between custom alignment and packed structs. It seems that there is a difference in behavior between MSVC and GNU and it’s not entirely clear which behavior to adopt.


Full report

This week the libs team discussed the set of issues that were going to move into their cycle-long final comment period for either stabilization or deprecation. The following issues will all be decided on at the end of the cycle, and please feel free to leave comments on them!


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