Subteam reports 2016-03-21



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We decided to accept two RFCs yesterday:

  • RFC 1201: Support naked functions, which are functions without the standard prologue and epilogue; this is primarily useful for low-level coding.
  • RFC 1422: Extend the model for public/private declarations to permit declaring an item as public to a specific parent module, as well as permitting pub(crate) to define something which is public to the current crate but not other crates.

Also, the following two RFCs were already in FCP, but we realized we didn’t fully advertise them, as we forgot e.g. to add an appropriate label, so we’ve decided to extend FCP for another week:

  • RFC 1321: Make unstable methods and items invisible in the stable compiler.
  • RFC 1346: Allow unsafe expressions without {} (e.g., unsafe foo() instead of unsafe { foo() }).

Finally, the following RFCs are entering FCP:

  • RFC 1373: Deprecate certain kinds of doc comments, in an effort to reduce duplication.
  • RFC 1319: An amendment to RFC 1228 (which introduced the experimental <- operator) to clarify operator precedence.


Full report

This week we accepted several RFCs:

We also reached decisions on a large number of outstanding library PRs.


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