Subteam reports: 2015-10-09



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There were no FCPs last week, but we’re introducing several this week:

We also closed the following pre-1.0 RFC:

We would like to get some attention on the following RFC:

  • PR #1252: Document and expand the open options

Otherwise, we talked about gaps in the ecosystem and infrastructure that we might work on in the coming months.


Full report

This week we merged the following RFCs:

  • PR #1228: Place left arrow syntax (place <- expr)
  • PR #1245: Amend #911 const-fn to allow unsafe const functions
  • PR #1260: RFC: Allow a re-export for main

The placement feature and its syntax will continue to be discussed prior to stabilization in the tracking issue.

We are moving one RFC into final comment period:

  • FCP PR #1268: Allow overlapping implementations for marker traits

We otherwise spent time reviewing high priority issues and discussing some thoughts about the placement protocol, which @huonw has recorded.

Compiler and tools

No meetings this week.


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