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Three RFCs went into final comment period this week:

  • RFC 243, which adds a ? operator that is roughly equivalent to the existing try! macro, except that it operates in suffix position. The scope of the ? operator can be controlled using a try { ... } block and there is also sugar for handling errors try { .. } catch { .. }. This RFC has been around since before 1.0, and has seen quite a lot of discussion. (Note that the try and catch keywords are likely to change, given the overlap with the existing try! macro.
  • RFC 1320 which modifies the RangeInclusive type from a struct to an enum.
  • RFC 1462, which adds the open brace character to the follow set for type fragments. This macro is taking a “fast path” to FCP due to the time-sensitive nature of its contents – it is intended to mitigate the effects of a recent bugfix.

We are seeking feedback on the name and syntax for so-called OIBIT traits, such as Send and Sync.

Finally, we’ve decided to accept RFC 1331, which spells out a procedure for making an official Rust grammar that is independent from the implementation.


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This week, we made decisions on all the outstanding FCP issues for Rust 1.7:

Next week we return to our regular programming!


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We have decided to place RFC 1457 into final comment period. This RFC concerns the way that for loops are internally implemented in the compiler.


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