Subteam reports 2015-11-16

Friend of the tree

Peter Atashian (WindowsBunny, retep998)

In his own words, WindowsBunny is “a hopping encyclopedia of all the issues windows users might run into and how to solve them.” One of the heroes that make Rust work on Windows, he actively pushes the frontiers of what Rust can do on the platform. He is also notably the maintainer of the winapi family of crates, a comprehensive set of bindings to the Windows system APIs. You da bunny, WindowsBunny. Also, a friend of the tree.


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This week, we accepted two RFCs:

  • FCP PR #1288: Improvements to the Time APIs

  • FCP PR #1270: RFC: #[deprecated] for Everyone (Accepted provisionally, modulo some minor tweaks to the RFC’s design)

We moved the following RFCs into their final comment period:

We also discussed a number of thorny outstanding PRs.

Please continue to keep an eye on the stabilization dashboard for 1.6, joining the discussion for any APIs relevant to you.


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We decided to accept RFC 1300 and RFC 1268, though the latter has some key implementation difficulties that will have to be resolved at some point.


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The MIR transition has begun! Lately there have been a number of PRs pushing on converting the trans phase over the compiler over to use MIR, which is very exciting. If you’re interesting in helping out, please check out the MIR Tracking Issue #27840, which contains a lot of links for bite-sized bits of work, as well as larger design questions that are yet unsettled.


Yay me!


‘A few hops for a small bunny, a big leap for Rustaceankind’ – me wildly paraphrasing retep998


Congrats @WindowsBunny!

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