Subteam reports 2015-10-16


Friend of the Tree

nmatsakis would also like to declare Ryan Prichard a Friend of the Tree. Over the last few months, Ryan has been comparing the Rust compiler’s parsing behavior with that of the rust-grammar project, which aims to create a LALR(1) grammar for parsing Rust. Ryan has found a number of inconsistencies and bugs between the two. This kind of work is useful for two reasons: it finds bugs, obviously, which are often hard to uncover any other way. Second, it helps pave the way for a true Rust reference grammar outside of the compiler source itself. So Ryan Prichard, thanks!


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We decided to place one RFC into FCP:

Finally, and on a more grave note, let me add that there have been a number of regressions popping up on nightly builds this week, so we are aiming to have those squashed down soon.




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Quiet week this week again. There is one RFC under FCP:

  • RFC 1268: Allow overlapping implementations for marker traits

We did not reach a final decision this week.



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The FCPs from last week were resolved as:

The following RFCs have been moved into FCP:

  • FCP PR #1291 RFC: Promote the libc crate from the nursery
  • FCP PR #1307 Add some additional utility methods to OsString and OsStr

This week we also decided to move the unix-socket crate into the nursery.


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A relatively quiet few weeks, but lost of stuff coming up on the horizon!

  • @nrc has been leading the charge of using rustfmt to format a number of files in the rust-lang/rust repo and surrounding repositories.
  • @edunham, @brson, and @alexcrichton spent the past week preparing Buildbot, rust-packaging, rust-installer, rustup, multirust, and the main repository for producing cross-compilers. While not rolled out to prod just yet, soon it will be much easier to download the standard library for architectures like ARM, AArch64, MIPS, MUSL, Android, iOS, etc.
  • The definition of Rust’s “tiers of support” are being fleshed out

Remembering those Friends of the Tree
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