Subteam reports 2015-10-31


Friend of the Tree

Today @nrc would like to nominated @marcusklaas as Friend of the Tree:

Marcus is one of the primary authors of rustfmt. He has been involved since the early days and is now the top contributor. He has fixed innumerable bugs, implemented new features, reviewed a tonne of PRs, and contributed to the design of the project. Rustfmt would not be the software it is today without his hard work; he is indeed a Friend Of The Tree.


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From last week, we had two RFCs in FCP:

Two new RFCs were moved into FCP this week as well:

As a reminder, this coming week is where we’ll decide on the set of FCP issues for APIs in the standard library to stabilize during the 1.6 cycle. If you’ve got an API you’d like to see stable, please feel free to comment on the list of issues.


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Some highlights from the past two weeks:


Remembering those Friends of the Tree
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