Subteam reports: 2015-10-02


Friend of the tree

Vikrant Chaudhary (nasa42) is an individual who believes in the Rust community. Since June he has been contributing to This Week in Rust, coordinating its publication on urlo, and stirring up contributions. He recently rolled out an overhaul to the site’s design that brings it more inline with the main website. Today Vikrant is the main editor on the weekly newsletter, assisted by llogiq and other contributors. Thanks for keeping TWiR running, Vikrant, you friend of the tree.


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This is a relatively quiet week, since nrc was out. We did, however, decide to place RFC #1260 into FCP. This RFC concerns allowing the use of a re-export for the main function. We also decided to accept RFC #1245, which permits const fn functions to be declared unsafe.


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Quiet week this week. The meeting consisted primarily of triage and minor bug fixes.


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This week the primary libs focus was resolving several outstanding issues and PRs that needed a team-wide decision. We also discussed the following nursery nominations:

along with more general process clarifications around the nursery.

We also saw a proposal for moving liblibc out of the nursery, while simultaneously greatly clarifying its purpose and design:

  • PR #1291: RFC: Promote the libc crate from the nursery

There has been significant discussion around no_std and friends, which is currently in FCP:

Other FCP issues for 1.5 stabilization are available here; please leave feedback!

Finally, we accepted the RFC on wildcard dependencies in

No RFCs moved into FCP this week.


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Some exciting developments happened in the past few weeks on the tooling and infrastructure point, here’s some of the highlights:


Remembering those Friends of the Tree
Remembering those Friends of the Tree

Thanks for the love @aturon! :blush:


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