Library FCP issues for 1.5


Good morning rustilians! The 1.5 cycle is now well under way on the master branch of the compiler, and it’s that time of the cycle to talk about issues to stabilize in the standard library! The library subteam held its triage meeting yesterday where we discussed what issues to stabilize, and all the related issues have now been moved into FCP.

As a reminder, all of these issues will be decided upon a week before the next release (10/29). Any APIs which are changed during this cycle will be punted for FCP in the next cycle, and otherwise all signatures will be stabilized as-is (modulo a few pending PRs that have all been sent by this point).

Without further ado, here’s the list of APIs that are up for FCP, as well as what’s likely to happen to them

If you have any comments to add, please do so! I’ll try to send out another remind the week before we decide on these issues as well.


Subteam reports: 2015-10-02
Library FCP issues for 1.5 closing soon!

Oh and as a clarification, stabilization of libcore implies that #![no_std] will be stabilized as well, so please add comments to that issue if you have thoughts on this!



No chance for Vec::drain to be stabilized soon?



drain was excluded due to ongoing RFC work, but it might make sense to stabilize what’s there already. (Certainly I’m open to that.)



Vec::drain has already been through an RFC too, and it’s often requested. At least it’s often requested by @frankmcsherry :smile:



iter::range_inclusive12 - deprecate


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