Library FCP Issues for the 1.6 cycle


It’s that time of the release cycle again! The library subteam convened yesterday to decide on the set of unstable issues that will enter their cycle-long final comment period. This means that over the next cycle we’ll discuss the issues and decide on whether they should be stabilized or deprecated for the 1.6 release (2016/1/21). As a reminder, if anything major changes about an API it will be punted out of FCP for another cycle (whether it’s being deprecated or stabilized).

And without further ado, the list of APIs for this cycle are:

Note that issues often have more detailed or nuanced comments about stabilization or deprecation on the issue itself, so if something seems surprising be sure to click through and read the discussion. Also feel free to contribute to any discussion!

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Subteam reports 2015-11-16

Is this missing Mutex::{into_inner,get_mut} (issue)? Or am I misunderstanding the FCP process and these are at a different stage?


Looks like the list was missing that - the Mutex methods are in FCP for 1.6


Yes sorry, that is indeed in FCP! I’ve added it to the list above.

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