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This week was an exciting week in the land of libraries as our triage meeting decided on the set of APIs that are going to be stable in 1.5 (coming out next week!). The list of tracking issues we triaged, along with decisions, are:

We didn’t get a chance to circle around back to the last week’s FCP RFCs, so they’ll remain as such for another week. As a reminder, those RFCs are:

  • FCP PR #1291 RFC: Promote the libc crate from the nursery
  • FCP PR #1307 Add some additional utility methods to OsString and OsStr

At this time we’d also like to draw attention to the following RFCs:

  • PR #1288 - Improvements to the Time APIs, this RFC is likely to enter FCP soon.
  • PR #1323 - RFC: Amend recover with a PanicSafe bound, this is a continuation of RFC 1236 which proposed stabilizing panic::recover with just the 'static bound.


This week is the first week for a community subteam report, written by Brian. I’m sure there’s more to come in the future as well!

Full report

  • There’s a Rust workshop with Women Who Code on the November 2nd at Codemotion Berlin: You need to sign up. There’s a talk on the next day.
  • Timon Vonk sent in an application for a devroom at FOSDEM 2016, but it was rejected! Thanks for the effort, Timon. It is still possible to submit talks to the accepted devrooms, though!
  • We are currently applying to be present at a couple of other events.
  • There are plans for an assembly at 32C3, the german hacker congress.
  • erickt scheduled a dinner in Mountain View for the Bay Area meetup.
  • The team is interested in having a Rust presence at many conferences in the next year, and needs volunteers to make it happen. Coordinate with Florian or any member of the community team if you have ideas.
  • Steve Klabnik gave a keynote on Rust at RubyConf Columbia, as well as a talk in Raleigh, NC at All Things Open.

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No reports this week, but stay tuned for next week!

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