Rust Roadmap Tracker

I’m happy to announce that the preliminary roadmap tracker has now gone live!

This tracker is a github repo that we will use solely for the issue tracker. There are issues for each of the vision statements, for major projects, and for each subteam. The goal is to keep everyone informed of the most significant work going on toward our roadmap goals, as well as other major subteam activity.

Since we’re just kicking this off, the tracker is a bit lean at the moment. Subteams will be populating the issues in greater detail over the coming weeks.

If you believe a project should be added within the tracker, please leave a comment on the appropriate “parent” issue, i.e. a Vision issue, an Area of exploration, or a Team roadmap. And in general, feel free to use comments to ask questions, pitch ideas, or mention updates that need to be made!

Please dive in, leave comments, and let us know what you think!


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